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Using the album is quick and easy to view the clients that we have worked on. The album starts of as an automatic slideshow but this can be paused and stop for manual browsing.

screen shot of portfolio album
// screen shot of portfolio album

1. Hover mouse over the portfolio album and a drop down gray information bar will appear. The first line gives details of the current page and total number of pages to go. "Clients Websites" is the title of this particular album.

2. This line shows the business name, description and website address.

3. The actual screen shot of the website.

4. Clicking on the gridded icon will take you to the album front cover. The cover shows several thumbnails with brief description of the album to visit. Within the album, Case Studies are available for viewing for an indepth look at the work that have been created for our clients.

5. Selecting this icon takes you back to the start of this album.

6. The 'minus' icon goes back one page.

7. This bar highlights the page that you are currently visiting and the other page numbers. Clicking on the dark numbers will jump to the required page. If you hover your mouse over the page numbers, a pop-up thumbnail will appear giving you a glimpse of what the page holds.

8. The 'plus' icon goes forward one page.

9. Selecting this icon takes you to the end of this album.

10. Clicking on the 'paues' icon will pause the slideshow. When paused, a 'play' icon will appear, click on this to restart the slideshow.

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